Talent philosophy

Talent philosophy



Talent philosophy:

make the best possible use of men and endeavor to the best of their abilities.


Career development:

open and co-win We regard every employee as our family member, and give everyone the space for learning and growth. The company needs to be dispatched based on employee capacity, job performance and work needs in order to play the potential of employees better and enhance their skills.


Salary philosophy:

Our company follows three basic principles to determine the salary of employees. The principles are as follows: determine the salary according to the post, internal and external balance and performance pay. Besides the wage, our company also take out social insurance "five social insurance and one housing fund" for the working staff in accordance with national laws and regulations. Our company takes overtime compensation in accordance with National statutory holidays.


Exit mechanism:

Reasonable protection, appropriate elimination. Our company will do what it can to provide reasonable guarantee for the employees who are loyal to their careers and make contributions. In the same time, appropriate elimination will be made to the employees who do not meet the requirements of Huicheng culture and performance in order to maintain a virtuous circle of talents.